Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Good Day! Can't believe the week is half gone already. Went to Antigonish on Monday for Thanksgiving. Adam & Stephanie cooked the turkey dinner and it was so good. I had a Cuttlebug class last night so didn't get home till 10:00. Lots of fun in the class though!

I did whip up a manly birthday card. Pretty simple. Made the card monochromatic. The base of the card was Creamy Carmel c/s from Stampin' Up as was the ink and the confetti vanilla c/s. The layered background was Cuttlebugged with the Houndstooth folder and sanded. This is one of those folders that if you want to do a larger background it's very easy. The pattern on the embossing folder repeats itself so you can do half of your piece of cardstock and then rotate your paper and do the other half (you are able to align up the previous embossed area in the folder). When you run it through the folder a second time it will flatten out some of the previous embossed area, however that is easy to fix. Take your cardstock and place in on a softer surface, such as a mouse pad, and then with a stylus just trace over the embossed area that has been flattened. It will pop back out very easily and you won't be able to tell that you had to run it through twice.

I should be posting some scrapbook pages soon. I've started to work on the wedding album. I'm on the hunt for a specific shade of green. Have a crafty day!


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