Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"The Bride"

Finally I was able to get the photos uploaded to the computer. Sharing pictures of the bride today and tomorrow will be the groom. Both of these pages are Stephanie getting ready just prior to the ceremony.

The photos beneath are of her, her sister Christine and her mother, Irene. Her dress was gorgeous and tied up the back. The veil she's wearing was the same one I was married in. There is also a lovely cape that she wore which was her moms. There will be pictures of that to follow.

I'm scrap booking the wedding album so I will be sharing plenty of pages with you. Hope you don't get bored.

I did do a little shopping today too....I bought a new cutter. It was either that or repair a window cause I was going to throw the one I had out the window. I cannot stand having my paper crooked. So I bought a guillotine cutter. My other one was a guillotine as well but it didn't have a paper holder on it so when you cut a longer piece the paper would slip towards the bottom.

I have made a couple of cards with it this afternoon and it worked great. Could even slice off just a teeny tiny piece of paper. I'm a happy crafter.:) One of my cards was a fancy fold so that one will show up tomorrow or the next day. Keep watching.

Have a nice evening!



Corinne said...

WOW she looked beautiful and the album will be fantastic. What a great MIL you are :)

Julie Mutch said...

Mornin' Yvonne!

The pics of the bride are just gorgeous and you've done a great job with the scrapbooking. She'll be delighted when you're all done it. What a nice gift to give to them - something they can treasure always.

I'm looking forward to seeing more pages. Keep em' coming! Hope you have a great day. :)


Nancy LeBlanc said...

beautiful Yvonne - can't wait to see more - would love to know exactly which cutter you got and what you think - we are all in the same -can't get a cuuter to cut straight' boat! Nancy LeBlanc

Anonymous said...

Very pretty! I bought this paper in Toronto's Micheal's I think it is soooo pretty...Lovely photo.

Anonymous said...

Sorry didn't see all the pictures/layouts I was scanning down to fast after the first one of her alone....I love the 4 patch layout too. great pictures,she looks so lovely, great memories to treasure,...for a life time. Brenda