Thursday, December 15, 2011

And Then There Was Light

Good Morning,

Well I spent 6 hours out shopping yesterday only to come home and order most stuff on-line.  I have a few more things to pick up and still some things I want to make and still a couple presents to wrap and put in the mail. Ugh.....they are going to be late.

These are the glass blocks you can buy at Michael or Hobby Lobby. I also found out Lowe's carrys them in colors, red & green. The blocks were clear and I used a spray to give them the frosted look.

This one was created for our neighbors who take care of our house when we go away. I can't remember exactly which cartridges I used, but I do like going into the Cricut Craftroom to design the project. A big computer screen is so great to get a good idea what the project will look like and the sizing.

In this case here the block is 7 1/2" x 7 1/2" ...I create a square to work within on CCR that way I an instantly see if the sizing of everything is proportionate.
Nice bow too! While I was at Michaels I picked up a bow maker. Actually it's just a piece of wood with some dowel stuck into it but man does it work. I got it for $5.00 so I figured I couldn't come home cut the wood, buy the little dowels and attached a ruler to the wood for measuring for that price.  Although it did take me at least 15 minutes to convince myself that I needed it.
I have another one I'm working on for myself so I'll share it soon.

Try not to get to stressed out about Christmas, remember what doesn't get . .  done doesn't get done and nobody will probably notice unless you don't cook the turkey!

Have a GREAT day!



Anonymous said...

This is beautiful! I love it!

newfiecrafter(Marilyn) said...

Beautiful Yvonne bet your neighbors will love it . i love working with CCR too so much easier then DS. Have a Merry Christmas