Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Good Morning,

This morning I'm trying to work with Adobe Photoshop. I know what I want to do but....having trouble achieving it. I really need to read through  the manual and work with all the features in a prescribed order instead of just trying to pick out what might work. There's a lot to learn in the big book "Photoshop Elements 7 for Dummies"

You would think if they are going to call it for "Dummies" perhaps they should have condensed it more cause we don't have that big of an attention span.

This was the second year Kristen climbed the CN Tower in Toronto. Yep she did beat her time from last year by 1:20 minutes.

I had pattern paper with a variety of clocks on it and thought it was perfect for the occassion. Used the cricut and cut out a clock face and various clock hands to embellish around the layout.

The grayish paper is co-ordinations. The border was crimped and the ridges sanded to add a varience of color. Distressed the edges a little with Tim Holtz Pumice Stone ink.

That is a picture of the CN Tower but it was a foggy/rainy day. Good thing you climb on the inside, however, she did still have to get downtown to the tower.

The was the sketch I choose for inspiration from Sketchabilities. I changed a few things but that's what a sketch does, gives you a starting point and then you make it work for you.
Be sure to click on the link above if you want to check out other ideas using this sketch for more different sketches.

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