Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Favorite Place...

Good Morning,

On the personal side of things here, not much going on. Watching all the season finales of everything. lol I must admit I have been a Survivor fan from day 1.  I was glad Rob won as I thought he played a good game. Other seasons that he was one...he was not my favorite! lol

Today is a Home Decor project. I created the vines using Cindy Lou and welding four of the images together. Where I just wanted to fill in on the vine I cut out just one.

For the words I used Gypsy Font for the large words and Base Camp for the smaller.

I also tried to put some Tiki faces on the fence but the vinyl just wouldn't stick to the rough wooden boards. If you look closely in the picture you can see a Tiki face though. He's supposed to light up at night and is solar powered. Unfortunately he doesn't work anymore. His eyes sort of glowed. lol

Vinyl is pretty easy to work with. You can cut it on any of the cricut machines. The words I did use a transfer paper to I could get it lined up before putting it on the wall. The vines I just applied the image directly to the wall. There is a protective backing on the vinyl and I remove that in pieces rather than all at once. Makes it easier to keep everything straight.

I want to put something up in my craft room now too. I bought some dark brown vinyl for that to match the beige/tan walls.

One other thing...if you are a cricut lover you might want to check out a new cricut blog by Provocraft.

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Anonymous said...

Really nice Yvonne! maybe I will have to try this sometime soon...