Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Froggy In A Pocket

Good Morning All,

I know I've been missing in action for several days now. Life has become very hectic and will continue so for a couple more months. It's time to update you on our plans. lol My DH has been offered a new job posting which will mean a move for us. We've been in Nova Scotia for 10 years and have truly enjoyed every moment of it. We've made great friends and have enjoyed the area to the fullest. The end of September we should be on our way to Texas. With every move there are pros and cons but we have always looked at every move as an opportunity to experience new things and meet new people.

My crafting time and or attention span has been significantly compromised these days and will continue that way for awhile. I will try to post occasionally and let you know when I might be back on track. I hope you will continue to check in periodically to my blog and once I'm settled I'll run some special "Blog Candy Giveaway" for your patience. Blogs and Internet are great ways to keep in touch with people.

This little card is for my nephew who's birthday has come and gone. Must get it in the mail today. Again the stamp set is from SU (retired). All the white is either white embossing powder or white stitching. Went through my stash of stuff and found some wire to add some dimension to the tag. I like the little eyelets on the pocket. The brown paper was Cuttlebugged and I added googly eyes!

My DD was home for 9 days so we were out on adventures everyday. I now know it is Mahone Bay that has the three churches that make a great picture and not Chester. I spent half an hour driving around trying to find the right road so I could see across the water in Chester and see the buildings. All I managed to find was the Chester Gold Club! Usually DH does the driving and I just sightsee. You just don't pay attention if you're not doing the driving.

Also "Happy Birthday" to my DS today. Turning 28. No, the card isn't in the mail. Still in production.

If you're still reading this novel, thanks for visiting and by November I should be posting on a more regular basis.



Corinne said...

Yvonne, Kevin mentioned the big move. Hope all goes smoothly and you get settled in fast. Have a great move.

Madeleine said...

I am sure Deb will be sad to see you move so far away. It will also be a long trip to see your grandson too. I know - most of mine are on the West Coast (BC)

Will keep watching your blog for further updates

Jaguar Grin said...

I got my passport in the mail today so I will come and visit as much as I am allowed!! :)