Monday, September 14, 2009

Angel with Accordian Fold

Good Morning,

This is the last card I had uploaded to my blog to be posted while I was away.

Update on my house hunting...hmmmm....seen a lot, realtor is very big on one area only. Apparently having power lines in your yard here is a big deal. I'm told there has been a study done linking health issues to power lines over your house so re-sale on a house with power lines is slow.
I've looked at subdivision where the whole subdivision seems to be on the direct path of all flights at the George Bush International Airport. lol What a shame as I liked some of those houses.

Maybe I need not to be so cheap and I could probably find exactly what I'm looking for. Did a second look at one house yesterday and decided it wasn't as nice as the first time we looked. (Had something to do with seeing a lot of houses I really didn't like first so it had looked pretty good when I saw it.) lol

Thinking about looking at some new builds but have also asked for a second look on another house. Wish me luck!

This card was going to start out being a Christmas Card. The stamp is from a Christmas set but I colored the dress a light purple and then decided on the pattern paper that matched and it just got off track from there. I do like the accordian fold and it's a little different with the ribbon on the right hand side. I used that great gold Xyron pen to edge the sides of everything to create the look of more layers. It really helps to give a finished look.

Can't forget some Dazzling Diamonds on the wings and those Nestabilities to cut out the angel and the layers.

I didn't do a very good pic of showing the accordian fold on the card but there is actually two folds.

Time to go wait for the Realtor. Plan is to be home Sunday night whether we have chosen something or not. If not we will look again when I actually move down.

Have a good week-end.


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Fargo Cat Designs said...

So glad you made it!!!! I was wishing good things for you last Saturday.

Hope you found a great house. Don't know if I would go for the direct flight path though!

Looking forward to hearing about your trip and your impressions of Houston!