Monday, September 14, 2009

Side Fold Step Card

Good Morning,
(Actually it is the middle of the night as I'm writing this. Can't sleep...have to face customs in the morning)

Yesterday I posted a fall I moved right into winter. This is a side fold step card. Pretty easy to make, just have to do the folds the right way.
I made mine with double sided pattern paper. It would have been a good idea to use cardstock for the base as it would have had more stiffness. Not sure what happened on the color on this first card however, the color on the second image is correct.
If you look closely you can see on the trees I've added some dazzling diamond glitter as well as I punched out some little snowflakes, added the glitter and glued them onto the paper.

I've actually got a couple more cards uploaded so if I have some time in the evening I'll update you on my trip to Houston and share some crafty things.
Wonder if I'll have any time to look at craft stores????

Should try and get some sleep.


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Cheryl said...

Great card Yvonne!