Monday, August 17, 2009

Cutsie Factor - 10

Morning All,

Back to Monday again. WOW! Where does the time go? I can't seem to get much posted these days. Sorry about that. Hopefully you're busy or on vacation too and you're not noticing.
Spent Friday & Saturday setting up and taking down stuff for a garage sale. The garage sale turned out not half bad but I prefer putting stuff on Kijiji.
Sunday we started out our day having coffee and then decided to go to Clam Harbour for the sand castle building competitions. Got almost all the way there and decided it was going to be too busy so turned the car around and headed down the shore towards Sherbrooke and then continued on to Antigonish and spent the after/evening with Pam & Bob. Always lots of fun but I think we ate for five hours straight. Arrived back home about 10:30.
The paper in this page is from Little Yellow Bicycle. I really like it and had bought it when Kristen had bought the little outfit for Xavier. I thought it would be a perfect fit. lol There's animal eyelets in each corner too. I had bought those years ago for a trip to the zoo.
The hat is so cute as it can roll up or hang down on the back.

Not hanging out too long today as I've got lots to do. I do have a new card to share with you and a little bit of a new technique, so stay tuned.



Cheryl said...

So very cute - the little one and the wonderful page! Love that hat.

Julie Mutch said...

This is such a sweet page, Yvonne. Little Xavier is a true cutie! Glad you got to enjoy more time with him over the weekend.

Looking forward to seeing you tonight for crafty night! See ya soon! :)