Friday, September 26, 2008

Polished Stone

HI Everyone - time is getting more valuable each day so please be patient as my posts are getting farther apart. One week today to the wedding. My brother flies in tomorrow night from Alberta so better get the spare room cleaned. Actually it's's the rest of the house that isn't.

Todays post is done using rubbing alcohol and re-inkers. You ask, "What is a re-inker?" The little bottles of ink that you used to refill your ink pads when they go dry. The technique is called "Polished Stone". You can achieve the same look by using the brand of alcohol inks. You will need an applicator that felt will stick to or simply a piece of felt if you don't mind your fingers getting a little dirty. On the felt apply about 3 drops of ink of one color and then 3 drops of another color. Try not to have the colors overlap. Now find the ink bottle that is metallic (used on the gold or silver ink pads). Apply about 3 drops of that too. Next ger out your rubbing alcohol and apply alcohol to make the felt wet. You don't want it dripping but it needs to be wet. Lastly use a piece of glossy cardstock (yes, it needs to be glossy) and dab your felt all over the glossy cardstock to make a background. You want to cover the entire piece of cardstock. As you are doing this the metallic ink will actually make gold veins on the paper. It looks really pretty. You can go over the area you already covered and it won't hurt it. So if you don't quite like the look you go the first time you can go back and rework it. Lastly take your black ink and a stamp and apply your image. A word of caution - don't overdue the metallic ink as it doesn't want to dry very well.

Time to get ready for work. Have a great week-end and I hope to post tomorrow.


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Julie Mutch said...

This is beautiful, Yvonne. I love the polished stone and you know I love the dragonfly! lol :)

Sorry again that I had to cancel the other night. It was just super bad timing for everyone and I thought we'd just re-schedule for another time when more people could make it.

Enjoy your visit with your brother and all the best with the final preparations before the wedding. Hope you have a great weekend! :)