Sunday, September 14, 2008

Birthday Boy

Finally I got the two-page layout done. Probably a week late.
This is Adam and his birthday cakes for different years. Had to count candles for some years to figure out just how old he was. Should have wrote it on the back of the picture but I thought my memory was good. Just goes to show not as good as I thought.
I really wanted to use this birthday paper but it was a little busy as I was using so many pictures too. So changed the layout a few times and ended up going to black cardstock to help pop things off of the page.

This paper here was even busier - even double matting the photo wasn't enough so I devised the black border/frame in the centre of the layout to help break up the background without losing all of the background. Redid the numbers on each picture a couple of times too - at one point they were double matted and had glitter on them but it was too much. It takes me a long time to complete pages as everything has to be just so, but I do love scrapbooking cause it's a part of me and someday my grandkids will be able to look back at these and get a better sense of who their parents/grandparents/family really were. As for right now I get loads of enjoyment myself at looking back through my completed pages. To somebody who's not a scrapbooker you may wonder why you would flip back through the albums regularly - for the shear enjoyment of looking at your creations.

I used my cricut machine to do all the lettering, numbers and the party hats. It's such a wonderful little machine for scrapbooking.

Well I must get back to life and do some work. I'm busy baking for the upcoming wedding. I have company coming before the wedding so lots to do. Posts may not be as frequent as we get closer to the end of September, please know that I'll get back on track after that. Today I need to do a sample of a mini scrapbook (we're actually calling it the "lotus book") for The Cutting Garden that I'll be teaching in Ocotber. I've already done one sample so it's more just re-creating using different paper. Maybe that will be my next post.

Stay tuned - I'll be back and in the meantime create something, send me a scan of it and I'll post your creation to my blog of course giving you the credit!

PS - Leave a comment about what's NEW to my blog! Go ahead look around. he he


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