Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Flying Santa

Hi There Crafters,

Can't seem to shake this cough but for the most part I'm feeling better. I have been busy working on Christmas cards. I have lots done just need to keep taking the photos and posting.

This is a very quick card as I printed the pattern paper and image with my Cricut using The Good Old Days". I know it's very cutsey but I have these action wobblers and really wanted to play with them. lol Santa's plane wiggles when you flick it!

The stamped image is from Stampin' Up. The punched border was done using a Stampin' Up punch and I just punched both sides of the paper. Notice the scallops on both sides match. If you look at the base on a border punch there will generally me markers for measuring. When I insert the first side of the paper I choose one of those markers to have the edge of my cardstock line up with. Punch your row and then when you go to punch the other side make sure you line your cardstock up with the same mark AND you will need to have flipped over your cardstock so you are lining up the same edge you did previously.

Action Wobbler above!
A little info from my vacation. When we were in Malaysia we took a side trip to a city called Malacca. While there we saw a church called St Frances of Xavier.
Where we used to live there was a St Fraces of Xavier university as well as the church and our Grandson is named Xavier so I made sure I got a few photographs.
Actually DH tooks these...by the time we got to the church I was hot and tired and really only wanted to get out of the sun.
Thanks for stopping by!


Marjorie said...

Cute! I have that cart also. I make my own wobblers using heavy jewelry wire.

Marjorie from TX

Sherry said...

Hey Yvonne. Love the card...
Wow this church looks so much like the one here..beautiful.