Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Little Snowman Fun!


It's me again...two days in a row.

Thanksgiving here tomorrow. We have no family to celebrate with however, we have invited three other couples who are also by themselves as well as our neighbors. The cranberry sauce is made, my special mashed potatoes are done and the sweet potatoes. I like recipes that can be made ahead. The turkey is thawing....the pies are bought (I took the easy way out on that) and the good china has been washed. Can't remember the last time I used it but thought it was time.

All stamps and supplies from Stampin' Up. I always love a cute snowman. A little glitter and sponging the edges with ink dresses up any card.
Wishing everyone a "Happy Thanksgiving!"



newfiecrafter(Marilyn) said...

So cute gotta love any card with a snowman on it . Happy Thanksgiving enjoy your turkey

Steph said...

As long as the pies were more then $2, lol!!!

marlene kiley said...

Cute card. So what is your special potato recipe?