Thursday, August 23, 2012

Golf Anyone?

Good Morning,
The weather will be starting to cool down a bit soon so golfing will be a little more manageable.

I don't very often make long skinny cards but there were so many cuts I wanted to include that was my only option and I really liked it.

All elements were printed and cut with the Cricut Imagine .
Notice how the word happy is two-toned....a "happy" printing problem. My ink cartridge was getting low on ink but I like how it turned out.
Everything is popped up with dimensionals.
Cartridges Used:
Country Carnival
Vintage Damask
Sports Mania
Paper Dolls for Everyday
Celebrate With Flourish
Cricut Craftroom Basics
Give you a little chuckle for today....I've been going to spinning classes at the gym for about 18 months now and finally decided that I had stuck with it long enough to buy the proper spinning shoes...the ones that clip into the pedals. So Tuesday night I get to class, get my shoes on and actually figure out how to get them clipped in. (My neighbor had sort of given me instructions as she had bought some too). They worked great for the duration of the class but I neglected to get directions on how to unhook them. It comes time to get off the bikes and stretch and Yvonne can't get her shoes unhooked. I figure no problem, I'll wait till the instructor is finished and call her over. Thank goodness there were a couple of people in front of me who stayed on their bikes and kept pedalling. Finally the woman in front of me decided to get off, I watched very closely and then managed to unhook my shoe. I was beginning to have visions of having to undo the shoe and pull my foot out so I could get off! Off to the gym again tonight and I'll practice some more!
Enjoy your Thursday!


m said...

nice man card eh?

Deborah Lecreux said...

Duh, I did the exact same thing only I had to ask in class as there was no one else in class with them on. Felt like a dummy but so glad I could get off the bike! LOL)