Friday, July 29, 2011

Ready, Set, Play

Hey There.  It's Friday!

I have a two page layout for you today. Of course it's featuring my favorite little person, Xavier. I took these photos when I was up visiting a couple of weeks ago. Him & I spent lots of Nana time at the park together and this is only a sampling of what's to come. lol Let's just say I filled my camera card.

Some of my best photos are taken when you don't stop to centre things or even think about composition. This picture was Xavier laying on the seat of the bus looking over the edge. Just put the camera under his face and snapped. Thank goodness for digital or I'd be so  broke.
All the paper except the red cardstock was printed from Imagine cartridge Bubblegum Stripes. The octogon shapes was from George.

                                               Ready Set Play from Boy's Will Be Boy's.
Traffice lights from Cars. Clear epoxy circles over light colors.

Schoolbus from Designer Calendar. Windows on bus are filled in with glossy effects to make them shiny and raised.

Be sure to stop by on Monday. It will be my first official post on the Creative Critterz Imagination blog. It's going to be so much fun.



marlene said...

Xavier makes a good study eh? Sweet card. Love the bold colors.

Trisha said...

What a great layout and he is such a cute little boy. Thanks for sharing you fabulous layout with us.

suez said...

Hi Yvonne, found you through cci. Love your layout and gs. Signed up for newsletter and became a follower. I love 3-d projects so I'm looking forward to more. The snowflake is great. Maybe we will meet someday as I also live in TX. Bedias if you ever heard of that. Close to Huntsville. Glad I found you. Hugs Suez