Monday, July 25, 2011

Fancy Frames Meets House Mouse

Good Monday!

We're having yet another hot day in Texas. It is amazing how you acclimatize to it though...Saturday we were out riding our bike and the temp on my bike computer registered 112F. Note to self...get up earlier. The only breeze you got was what you generated by riding. Today I rode in the low 90's.

Todays I posting a House Mouse project. These little mice aren't from a stamp but are pre-printed and then you cut out the layers and re-assemble with dimensionals or I'm thinking about getting some of the silicone that comes in a tube....the stuff you use when doing paper-tole. That's what this project reminded me of was paper-tole but I didn't have to figure out what to cut from each layer it was already done for me.

Pretty quick and easy. I have three other samples to do up and upon looking them over I think this was the most difficult of the four I have. Go figure...I started with the hardest. FargoCat Shops has some of  these for sale.

Now onto the frame. There is a new cartridge that came out last month called Fancy Frames. I used pattern paper and the cricut to cut out the image. Pretty easy to do.

Lots of layers.

Click image for a real close up.

I also spent part of the week-end working on a scrapbook page. Some days I'm so slow creating them. It's almost finished to tomorrow or Wednesday I should have it up.

Enjoy your Monday and do something fun for yourself.


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Marlene said: Those mice are at it again. So cute.