Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Advent Calendar - Jovial & Sea Dragons!

Good Morning,

Made it back from my day at the aquarium. It was pretty cool. I think my favorite thing I saw was the Sea Dragons.

A couple of weeks ago I finally completed my advent calendar. I had bought it "new" in package for $5.00 at a garage sale and the sticker price was still on the packaging which was $22.99. It is a Karen Foster product.

I used all different designs of Basic Grey's Christmas line - Jovial.
I glued each little piece to the front, sanded and then sponged with Tim Holtz - Vintage Photo ink. Decided not to add any color or paper to the outside edge of the box. I figure I can decorate the other side of each little drawer with a non-Christmas theme and then it can be an calendar for any event.
When the box is pulled out it looks just like this side complete with the little hole for your finger.

This will be Xavier's calendar. Don't know whether he will get it this year cause he's still pretty little to know what is going on but next year for sure.

Did you every have those Christmas calendars for your kids...the ones with the little chocolates behind each drawer. I always bought them for my kids right up till they left home. I can remember Kristen being about 3 or 4, so old enough that she knew she was only supposed to get one each night, hiding out under her bed with her calendar eating chocolates. I think she got about five or six ahead before I found her. lol

We've got some rain happening here today. We are supposed to be going canoeing ...will have to see if that happens.

If you're looking for some card making classes I see some new ones posted at Fargocat Designs.

Have a good Tuesday.



newfiecrafter said...

Love your advent calendar , I did one 2yrs. ago for my grandkids and they love it .

Julie Mutch said...

Yvonne, this turned out great. Xavier will love this down the road. I laughed at your story about your daughter hiding the chocolate calendars under her bed. Sounds like something my little monkeys would do! I'd like to make them one of these this Fall. Looks like a bit of altering fun! :)