Saturday, December 5, 2009

Baby, It's Snowing Outside!

Good Morning,

Well I must share with you that I had snow yesterday. Not much in our area but non-the-less, snow! We were forcasted for anywhere from 3 - 5 inches but got away with a few flakes and a really good frost overnight. BTW having just recently moved from Nova Scotia to Southern Texas I wasn't expecting to see snow this year. The snow wasn't all that exciting to us but residents here were pretty excited about those white fluffy flakes. lol

In the meantime I finally finished my page of Xavier crawling. After I uploaded the page I realized I forgot to put a date on the page so will go back and put that on.

As always I used my Cricut for the shapes and letters. George & Basic Shapes was used to cut the 10" green circle. Zoobaloo for the animals (aren't they cute?) and lettering. Finally for those palm trees I used Life's a Beach. The leaves on the top were cut from green Co-ordinatins cardstock and then sanded slightly. It took a long time to sand inbetween all those leaves. The pattern paper and little animal brads were purchased from The Cutting Garden but I can't remember which line of paper. I bought all the pieces though cause it was just so cute for a boy.

The layout idea came from this sketch at So Sketchy! I changed quite a few things but I think you can still see the basic ideas.

Had a lot of fun with this double page layout.

Enjoy your week-end. I think I'm going to try and finish my Christmas cards. I've got most of them addressed but still need to do that Christmas letter. Actually DH is supposed to do the letter.



Krisstee said...

That is funny Yvonne. As you likely know, NS has had no snow really so far; mind you,that is about to change. Snowfall warnings out for tonight and tomorrow. Tis the season I guess. Have a good one.

Julie Mutch said...

So cute, Yvonne. Love the page model, too! Little Xavier is sweet as always! :)

Yes, we're waiting for snow...we'll see how much it adds up to. Good reason to stay inside and craft the day away!

Hope all is well and that you're settling in well. We all miss you around here!

Take care!

Steph said...

Very cute, I love the colors. He's getting faster everyday!!