Sunday, February 8, 2009

Technical Info

Hi There . . .

Thought I would share a little computer knowledge with you today as well as a card. This knowledge maybe something you already know...I knew some of it but had to really search for the right answer.
I'll start at the beginning of the story. I had designed a card for an on-line company using their image. I now needed to submit that image electronically back to the company with a watermark & copywright information. No problem, so I thought, I had done both before but apparently not in the scanner program I was using. After much searching there is something right on your computer that will tell you what characters are available in each font and what combination of letters/numbers from your keyboard to get them to appear.

The item is called a Character Map. Here's where to find it: Click on Programs, Accessories, System Tools and then Character Map. Once there, pick out the font you want to use with the drop down box and then lots of symbols appear on the page, you can scroll down if you don't see the one you are looking for. Once you locate the symbol you want click on it and the lower right hand side will give you a code to type on your keyboard in the program you are working in. One other piece of advise...if you can't get the symbol to work using the regular portion of the keyboard try the calculator portion on the far right of the keyboard. That was the only place I could finally get the copyright symbol to appear. Hope this helps somebody sometime or else file it under useless trivia.

Onto today's card. By the way, this isn't the one I did for the on-line company. I think I'm allowed to post it on Tuesday.
What do you think of the background on this one? No, didn't use a Cuttlebug folder, I know shocking news isn't it. lol I used my scor-pal...don't have one yet, I can help. I started with glossy cardstock, made a grid pattern with my scor-pal and then brayered ink overtop followed with a leafy stamp for some added pizzaz. The top is Scallop Classic Ovals but not quite cut in half to create the look of a flap. I thought it was kind of neat. The flowers were stamped on vellum and colored in with markers on the backside of the vellum then cutout. If you're doing this make sure you give lots of time for the markers to dry on the vellum. Do you see the cute little gem in the centre of the flowers. Those are the Dew Drops I was talking about a couple of days ago. (Actually a couple of days ago I called them Dew Berrys, my mistake)I bought the container called "Pointsetta". It has green, clear, pink and rosy reds in it. I use a tiny glue dot to adhere them. Works like a charm.

Adam and Stephanie are coming for a visit today and staying overnight so I probably won't have anything to share tomorrow but we'll see.


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Julie Mutch said...

Hi Yvonne,

This is a beautiful card, and I love the colour that you used on the vellum flowers. I think this is my favourite all-time SU flower. I just love it. It's so delicate looking and fun to watercolour. :)

Thanks, too, for the computer characters tip. Often, I've wished I could have had a 'cent' symbol instead of using the dollar sign, this will be a great tool.

Enjoy your time today with Adam and Stephanie. :)