Friday, February 6, 2009

Fan Fold Flower

TGIF - Guess now that I'm not working TGIF doesn't have quite the same meaning. lol However, one week from today and I'll be on vacation somewhere warm and without snow. Getting excited.
Remember Wednesday how I was going to get my hair all the way over to the Mic Mac mall only to discover I was 24 hours early. Some days I worry about me. Went back yesterday and had the hair appointment. Roots are all brown again. I'm just not ready for the grey look yet.
Today's card is for my father-in-laws wife. Her birthday is soon so I need to remember to put it in the mail.
Stamps I used were from blog candy I won on Julie's blog. It has lots of flowers, butterflies,etc. I really like it and it is also the set I'm using at class on Tuesday night.
The dragonfly was stamped in Blue Bayou and then I glittered the wings. Love how that looks. Also used one of the fauna stamps for the background on the River Rock cardstock. The cuttlebug folder is Floral and then I made a Fan Fold Flower for the corner using my scor-pal and Stampin' Ups scallop punch. A little rhinestone for the centre. I've seen over at The Cutting Garden something called a "Dew Berry" They come in some many different colors are raised up like the pearl I used but are more glassy looking and shiny. You get lots & lots of them in one container so I'm thinking you need a friend when you're buying these so you can split the container and get twice as many different colors. One container will have 3 or more shades of color in it as well. I think I may stop over there today and pick out one container.

Must go see if my bug will start as the weather seems a little cold this morning.
Have a great week-end.



Julie Mutch said...

Beautiful card, Yvonne. Glad you like the set. :) I love how you glittered the dragonfly and the fan fold flower is gorgeous! Great job! Your MIL will love this.

Hope you have a great weekend, enjoy your countdown to your vacation to a warmer place! Wish I could tag along! lol :)


Jaguar Grin said...

TGIF may be a little different now that you don't work but its still just as good!

Next friday its off someplace warm for you and my last day at my job!! (Applying to about 10 more animation studios monday)

If you wanna see stuff I've been working on...

Joel putt my demo reel up on my webpage which is neat. I'm gunna try and change the audio for monday seeing as the music is super loud!

Also! Some stuff up for a portfolio!

Wow, this reply is becoming so long it could be an e-mail! Will call tomorow evening to chat! :)