Saturday, February 16, 2013

Here's Tigger!


Here's Korben on his first Halloween.

Ever wonder how to get typed print onto a cricut shape? Cut out the shape on your cricut that you want the type written words to be on. Then I design the journalling on Word or any other similiar  program. Print it out on regular paper.  Place the shape behind the printed words and see whether you need to adjust the font size or spacing. Once you're happy with it (I might have to do the printing on regular paper three or four times to get the sizing right) tape your piece of cardstock that you cut with your cricut overtop of the writing on the regular paper. Feed it through the printer again and the words should have printed onto your cardstock. On the top journalling box I had didn't have it quite lined up as I would have liked it. I felt there was too much space on the left side so I put a paw print in the space. Worked out perfectly. On both shapes I inked the outside edges and added faux stitching.
Inked the edges on Tigger too.
Cartridges Used:
Meow - paw print
Winnie The Pooh
Craft Room Basics
Art Nouveau - Tiggers & One

Spent the last couple of days working in the flower beds. We've dug up one of the front flower beds and rearranged all the shrubs.  I bought the cutest little egg shaped plant pots at Lowe's for $1.25 and planted Gerber Daisys in each. Maybe next week I'll try and post a photo. It's looking really good and a little springy.


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marlene kiley said...

I'd need someone to help me figure out your steps on this technique, what a lot of work but simply lovely. Sooooooooo cute!