Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Valentine Wreath


In November I attended a large craft fair. They were selling lots of wreaths using Deco Mesh and they also had demos on how to create your own. My neighbor and I stood and watched about three separate demos and then decided we had the craft mastered. Bought our supplies and we were off to the races. I did create a fall and Christmas wreath. (I'll show you those another day).

They are really very easy to make so with Valentines day fast approaching and our weather warming daily it just doesn't seem appropriate to have a winter wreath on the door. So off I headed to Hobby Lobby to see what I could find.  The red mesh actually has some black running through it and I picked the white to accent with. I also bought the wooden hearts there. If I would have allowed myself a little more time I could have made those myself, either with the Cricut or I could have tole painted them. Okay, might have had to leave myself lots more time! I did add one Cricut element to it though, the red glittery hearts on the white mesh are cut by my Cricut.

There are a number of good You-Tube videos on making these wreaths as well.

I have a few more Valentine ideas to share this week.


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m said...

Isn't that ribbon great to work with? I did two round wreaths for the dining room table for Xmas. Love your color combo. Late doing my usual comments on your goodies but had eye surgery so I'm not out of the woods yet so to speak.