Thursday, July 12, 2012


Hi There,

Well I must say last year we were in a drought but I think the weather is making up for last year. We've certainly been getting a lot of rain and not just the usually downpour and then it's over for the day. I'm talking hard rain for five or six hours at a time.

I'm really liking these stamps. It is part of the "Girlfriends" series by Art Impressions. Super great for coloring with copic markers. I did purchase three different images.

Pattern Paper - Cricut cartridge - Word of Mouth
Stamps - Stampin' UP
I uploaded to blogger about 12 different projects and still have a few to go. Perhaps now I'll be able to get my projects posted in a more timely fashion. I hate having to take the photos/upload/edit etc.....



Emerald said...

They are having sooo much fun! wooot wooot let's go ladies!!!

marlene kiley said...

Aren't these gals a riot? I did a couple awhile back for birthday cards.