Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I'm Back

Hi There,

I'be been gone for awhile now.  I did get back a week ago from Toronto but just haven't gotten around to posting. So first things first. I'll talk about the scrapbook page for those who come here to see craftiness and if you're here to find out what I've been doing personally, just scroll to the bottom and I'll give you an update.

This scrapbook page is the co-ordinating page for the first one here.  Imagine cartridge Notebook Doodles for the pattern paper. It's just so much fun. The playground equipment was a digital download from CCR.
I used ink to create some shadows on the paper pieces. If you don't like working with ink try chalks. The best thing about chalk is if you don't like it take a white eraser and erase off the chalk.
I do have lots of other projects to share I just need to make time to get them up!

I'm going to share a few photos of my trip to Toronto. As many of you know my daughter, Kristen and I competed in the City Chase which is a six hour event whereby you uncover the clues and then navigate your way to the destination in order to complete a physical task.
We did this last year and came away saying "those tasks were pretty easy!" Let me tell you this year they were definitely a lot more physical.
I'll share a few photos at the end of each post over the next few days.
This was the most difficult event.
1. Crawl along the ground under a net.
2. Crawl through tires (those were darn small tires - if I was much bigger I would have had a tough time!)
3.  Weave in and out of some sticks - that was easy.
4.Kristen sends me back to the start where we left our backpacks. Somebody needed to get the camera. lol
 Get over the wall pictures below - Kristen took some fine photos of me trying to get my butt over (not posted). Thanks Kristen!
5. There is a long bungee cord. One of us on each end. First one to kick of the pylon over wins other one has to do squat with weighted bar.
6. 10 squats with bar.
7.No picture - Attach a parachute to your body and run a course.

 As Kristen is posing I'm planning how I'm going to win this round. I don't think she expected me to start pulling so quickly. She was probably taking it easy on me....there was no way I wanted to do squats. "Incentive"

Finish Line!
There were 1200 teams in total - 445 teams completed the required elements - we placed 250! 

If you're still hanging in there, thanks for letting me share this special experience. Maybe tomorrow it will be snakes & worms!


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