Monday, March 12, 2012

Life Is Good

Hello There,
I'll start by saying if you're some of the followers thaht are interested in my personal stuff I have a story at the end of the post.

I'm also very happy that my Cheers! card from a couple weeks ago was featured in the Cricut Chirp as well as featured on Saturday on Fantabulous Cricut Challenge Blog.
Last week I worked on some scrapbooking. I did use a sketch from Sketch Inspiration .
I wanted to use some paper that was a little more femine than all boy.
The flowers and swirls are chipboard pieces.
I used a Stampin' Up border punch, punched the cardstock on both edges then layed my green
ribbon down the centre. As you can see in the last photo I cut strips of ribbon and made an accent to co-oridinte. The paper line had matching fabric covered buttons.
On Sunday the plan was to go to the Rodeo but the weather was ugly so we decided against it....but I decided going bowling might be fun and give us something to do.
First I've bowled 5 pin with those nice light little balls. I should have turned around and left when I
realized I was going to be bowling like Fred Flinstone!  Those balls weigh a ton.
Lose the first game, getting the hang of it and win the second I'm thinking I've got a couple of strikes maybe I'll work a little on form. That's about where it went downhill....
I went to heave that heavy ball and I don't know exactly what happened...whether the left foot stuck on something or what...but I threw the ball and pulled a muscle.  Now this is sore and don't be laughing.....but it is in my lower left cheek! I can't lift my leg, can't sit comfortably.  No gym for me this week so I guess I might as well craft just as long as I don't drop anything on the floor cause I can't bend over to pick it up.
Have a good week and play SAFE!


Marjorie said...

Sorry you are hurting.

newfiecrafter(Marilyn) said...

Pretty layout love the yellow and soft green together. Congrats.on having your card chosen on FC I saw it there really nice work . Sorry to hear you pulled a muscle no fun for sure lots. time for scrapbooking til it heals.

marlene said...

Gee! Pulled muscle eh? Not fun being sore like that. Hopefully you are mending okay. Keep away from those balls. Ha!