Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Nightmare Before Christmas....

Good Morning, I just have to share these pictures. No paper project today.

My two favorite guys look so darn cute. DIL Steph made the costumes and she did an amazing job. Way to go Steph!

There will be some scrapbook pages coming soon. If you don't know they are dressed as Jack Skellington and Jack Jr. from the Nightmare Before Christmas.

Steph was Sally from the same movie but nobody took pictures of her! Maybe I can talk her into getting into her costume again for a picture.

We only had about 60 kids here and I bought for about double that.

Do you remember Trick or Treating? DH & I were talking about that. We remember we would go out by 4:30 in the afternoon to start. It got dark early was usually cold and a very good chance there was already snow on the ground.

When the big guy above was about Xavier's age we took him out for Halloween in a furry costume dressed as Oscar the Grouch. It was a cold, snowy night so put him in his snowsuit, then his furry costume overtop. We were so worried he was going to get cold. He ran from house to house and when we got back home the little guy was drenched in sweat! lol


Thanks for letting me share these photos and I'll be back tomorrow with a project.



Steph said...

I'll get the pics of me and Adam from the store (we had a costume contest - pretty sure Adam won) then I'll send them on to you :)

Anonymous said...

OMG!! How stinkin cute! My DD would love these pix. TFS & craft post not necessary when replaced w/ pix like these. ChelleBee

Anonymous said...

WOW awesome job on the costumes!!! You would never guess that was Adam.
Xavier is going so fast.
Only had about 30 at my house.
Have a great day

newfiecrafter(Marilyn) said...

Wow great costumes and great pic.'s to scrapbook Yvonne. Amazing how fast they grow up . Not many trick or treaters here either.

marlene said...

Really neat job on the costumes. Way to go gal!