Monday, June 20, 2011

I Whaley Love You

Good Morning,

Well I know I'm not very reliable on posting these days. Vacation has been taking up all my time.

Had a great trip to Wyoming...after a nightmare of botched airplane plans.

8:00 the night before I leave United Airlines leaves me a message saying my 6:00 a.m. flight to Salt Lake City has been cancelled and they've rebooked me a day later. After an hour and a half I get them to book be on a Delta flight for 7:00 a.m. Perfect and it is non-stop. Arrive at the airport plenty of time only to have Delta reject me. I couldn't get a boarding pass cause my middle initial showed up on one piece of documentation and not the other. Even though I had my passport they wouldn't let me on. I have to go to United to straighten it out. By this time I've missed my flight. Go to a different terminal and talk to United. They now get me on a 1:00 flight to arrive around 4:30 but I  have a connector in Denver. About noon it shows my flight is delayed an hour. Now I won't make my connector in Denver. (Can you see steam coming out my ears?) Finally get to Denver and get a 5:30 flight to Salt Lake. Arrive about 7:30. Only ten hours later than planned. So much for first day of vacation. Good thing it got better. lol

See end of post about my next adventure.

After all that I do have a card to share today....all the images were printed with my cricut and layered with dimensionals.

Blue background cuttlebugged and sanded to look like bubbles.Added some buttons with embroidery floss.

I'm now getting ready to fly to Toronto to see Kristen and Joel for a few days. While there I'll be participating in the City Chase. We're still working on a team name so if you have any suggestions you can leave a comment. We plan on taking lots of photos and I will post some of those after the big race...if I survive. lol

Have a great Monday!



newfiecrafter(Marilyn) said...

Sweet card Yvonne .Good luck in the race and hope you don't run into any problems with your flight.LOL

marlene said...

Mercy! The plane trip ended up being a nightmare eh? Makes one not want to fly anymore. Love the whaley card, very diff. Good luck on your T.O. trip. Marlene