Sunday, March 20, 2011

Heads Up - Cricut Imagine - RGB Codes

Good Morning...

Just had to post this scrapbook page I made yesterday with my new Cricut Imagine. 

I have so many tips to share with you today. Also if you've asked some questions on previous posts please scroll to the end of post for your answers.

First I'll start with the "Imagine". Despite things I've read and researched about the machine I had NO problems. I did the updates via computer, it cuts and prints fantastic. There is a small learning curve but anything new there will be some trial and errors.

These photos are of my DD being bored and silly not long ago. lol She can always make smile.

The green cardstock is co-ordinations and the remaining cardstock was printed on white textured from Walmart and cut with the cricut. The green/yellowish paper was more yellow when I printed it so I inked the edges with Tim Holtz Shabby Shutters. The newspaper looking piece is a pattern on Country Carnival Cartridge. The font and patterns on the words are also from the same cartridge.

The letters are layered and I can substitute in different patterns or colors to coordinate.
The key, head and filigree images are from Wall Decore which is a regular Cricut cartridge but can be used in the Imagine and flood filled with color and patterns.

The picture of Kristen had an all white background so I used Tim Holtz Tea Dye ink and softened the look to a more vintage style.

The key image and filligree were cut at 1.5". It does an amazing job on detail prints and cuts. You can also see how it re-sizes the print pattern depending on the size of your image. The border and the key are the same pattern.

If you have any questions about the machine be sure to leave me an e-mail address that I can reply to.

The sketch for the layout is from Sketchabilities. You can pop over to their site to see how more layouts.

If you're still with me I'll answer a few questions that I've received.

Pricing on the Imagine - Right now it's on sale at for $299.00 - it is available for shipping to Canada.
Costco paper used on previous post - All my Costco paper is from three or four years ago.
Walmart cartridges - If you go on-line you can get 2 for $60.00 otherwise they are $39.00 each. You can have them shipped to your local Walmart for free.

I know this is a long post but I've got one more great thing to share.

As I mentioned we have a new computer and with that some of my old programs won't work with it so I've been having to find alternatives - yes  and that means learning something new. I'm getting the hang of Photoshop and thought wouldn't it be great to be able to take a color from the background of the photo and figure out the RGB codes and then I could print my paper to match on the Cricut. It worked but was time consuming. This morning I search the web and found two great sites.

First site is Big Huge Labs . It's free and has lots of neat components but my favorite is the Color Palette Generator. You can take any picture, load it into the program and it will give you a list of colors that coordinate. How cool is that? I quickly figured out the only thing cooler would be if it gave me the RGB codes. You gives them to you in HEX. I'm not really sure what HEX is and it doesn't matter. RGB is the Red, Green, Blue from the color wheel.

So....I had to find a program that would convert for me....RGB Converter I found one that you don't have to download anything - you just copy-paste or type in your Hex code and it tells me the numbers I need to put into my Imagine or any other software program that allows you to alter color.

I think that is it for today! It you read the whole thing - thanks for sticking with me.

Have a wonderful Sunday....



Heather R... mousemomma said...

I love your layout! Every time I see another project done with the Imagine I start thinking I'm gonna have to get one, especially at the sale price $299! By the way, did you know that this week also has their Walmart Lite cartridges on sale for $27.99?
Thanks for the info on the RGB sites. That does sound handy. I will go check them out!

Nadia said...

Your LO is a hoot!