Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Diaper Cake

Hi There,

I've uploaded pictures today of the diaper cake. No they didn't have the baby yet but their computer isn't working so I don't have to worry about them seeing it.
This was lots of fun to make. But firstly...did you know there are so many different diapers out there??? And to make matters worse you can't see through the packaging. So here's how the story goes...I ask the prospective parents what brand they are going to use. Might as well make it with the right ones, not. Apparently all diapers have designs or colors on them now. I had seen diaper cakes on the internet and they had white ones. Back out I go to the store (right, I have 84 little diapers that I'll just give to them (I don't like the color). I go to a pharmacy and enlist the help of the staff for information. I didn't go to the young male cashier...I went straight to the pharmacy there were four of them back there. So I ask if there are any diapers that are plain white (I get a look like I have two heads as if color makes a different). I explain it's a craft project - the look didn't get any better. Oh yes, three of them are women one is a guy...they confer with the male, he's the most recent one that has had a child. lol He looks the package over and tells me, "See that "Disney" symbol, probably has a picture on it. Okay, I head back home to do my research via the internet. I e-mail somebody from the internet that had one of these diaper cakes posted on Split Coast and inquire as to what diapers I need to purchase. So for anybody wanting to try this it is Pampers Swaddlers Newborn or size 1. They still have a little design at the waistband but when they are rolled you can hide it. lol
The inside of the cake has two bottles on top of each other. I filled the bottles with chocolate eggs. I bought too many eggs and I ended up eating them. Not good.
The cake takes about 66 diapers. If you go to U-tube there are some video's on how to make them.

I did up just one cake but made extra accessories depending on the sex of the baby. Aren't the little shoes cute? I got the pattern from Creative Diversions. Thanks Kim.
The giraffe, baby bottle, duck and "It's A Boy/Girl" we all done using my cricut. I cut out the letters and then put them through my xyron to sticky them so my glitter would stick. I wanted a little glitz to the project.

I like the little puppy on the top. They have a golden lab that is about 9 months old so I thought that was very fitting for the top of the cake.

If you have any questions about making one drop me an e-mail, just make sure you leave your e-mail address so I can respond directly to you.

If you're still reading thanks for sharing in my little story.
See you tomorrow.



Krisstee said...

OMG Yvonne..............it is gorgeous. I really can picture your adventure.........LOL. I have not seen a diaper cake that could beat this one. Way ta go!!!!

Deborah March said...