Thursday, April 23, 2009

Baby Announcement & Altering Buttons

Good Morning To All,

I haven't posted in a few days but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy. I have been busy creating. I have 36 baby announcement cards done and 29 thank you cards. I'll share the announcement card today and tomorrow the thank you cards. I did two different designs for the thank you cards. lol
Also on Tuesday I worked at The Cutting Garden and designed some cards while I was there. I'll re-create some of those to post on here. We were working with transparencies or also called window sheets.

So onto today's card. Originally Adam & Steph were going to go with the Onesie card but once they knew the baby was a boy they decided on the overall card. I personally think it was a good choice. Just looks a little more boyish. I had to go out and find a puppy stamp for the front. I had everything else but a puppy stamp. Good thing I had a 40% coupon for Michaels. The pattern paper is from the "Safari Kids" line. The blue cardstock is Bazzill. All of the ribbon is held in place with glue dots. What did I do before I knew about glue dots? Trust me, if you have never used them run out and get some now. lol They hold everything and anything in place. Lastly I need to find a lot of red buttons. Hmmm...I head to Wally World thinking I should be able to get some reasonably priced. WOW! I didn't know buttons could be so pricey. For 3 buttons it was $1.25. I thought, "Okay, these cards are increasing in price rapidly." Must be another solution. I tried the shrink plastic. That turned out just okay and was going to be very time consuming. Dollar store...I'll go look there. Yep, they have lots of buttons. 200 hundred as a matter of fact all for a $1.00 but there are only 5 red ones in each package. There is over a 100 clear/white ones though that are just the right size. Now I'm thinking...(I know scarey)... how can I alter these. Could emboss them...a little time consuming but doable. Just need to get red embossing powder. It's late so no stores will be it! I'll color them in with my markers. Good idea but my regular markers won't dry on the button. I'm now thinking Stazon ink, it's alcohol based but the red I have actually looks more pinky when I get it on. No good. Copic markers are alcohol based but I don't have any of those either. Time to dig through my crafting drawers...oh look...a new pack of permanent bic markers (I bought to use on tumbled tiles...that's a whole another post). I have a red, color the button, dries almost instantly and is the perfect red. Problem solved.
So the moral of the story - buy buttons at the dollar store and alter them with BIC permanent markers.

I rambled on today so if you read the whole post, "Thanks".

See you tomorrow with the Thank You cards.



Julie Mutch said...

OMG, Yvonne, you're such a hoot! I'm sitting here reading, actually laughing out loud! :) After all that, I'm glad you found a fix for the red buttons...I'll make a note to myself about the Bic markers.

The baby announcements turned absolutely adorable - I love the overalls. Such a great idea! :)

Share more pics of little Xavier when you get some. You know were all suckers for baby pics! :)


Deborah March said...

Omigosh, this is just the CUTEST little announcement!! Yep yep yep...more pictures please Grammie!!

Helen F. said...

This is such a cute invite~and your story about them is sooo funny. Great card and thanks for the laughter!

lauren said...

oh my goodness, how adorable is THAT?! and you made *36* of those??! yikes, you are a good, good woman!!! ♥

Lucy, England said...

This is just so CUTE. Amazing work.

SmilynStef said...

Those suspenders are just too cute ... and I love the altered button story.

Heidi Van Laar said...

Awww, this is SO cute! Those suspenders are too fun!

Joshua Jiraffe Designs said...

What an adorable card!!...and love the story to boot. I think we all can relate from some time or another!!! The buttons look a tasty candy color and they look like they came that way. Love what you did...and that puppy! Ahhh. BTW: Love, love glue dots!