Friday, May 17, 2013

For My Great Niece

Good Morning,

I made this little onsie card for my new niece almost two months ago now. I need to get it in the mail.
The sweet little babe arrived 7 weeks early but is doing very well. She is just gorgeous.

To make this I used standard instruction from the web for the onsie. It's basically a folded rectangle. Then you make the triangular cuts for the for the sides and armholes. The legs and neck edge are done with a circle punch. The pockets and oval punch or in this case I used my spellbinders and cut the ends off.  The lacey edges on the neck and legs were a circle scallop punch with the centre cut out.
I did had a bib to the onsie cause I thought it was cute. That was done with spellbinders. If you have a cricut it would be very easy to create the circles too. Placed eyelets  to look like snaps and a little stitching.

Well I really must get this project into the mail. Fortunately the outfits I've purchased she won't be growing out of them anytime soon.
To my Canadian family and friends...Enjoy your long week-end!

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