Thursday, December 13, 2012

A In A Row!

Good Morning,

Gosh where is December going? It just seems to be flying by. I must admit I'm pretty organized this year. I have all my Christmas cards and the big box in the mail. I do have one more box to get to the post office today....I promise myself.
These are my snowman boxes. Five were for the ladies I stamp with and two more for my "You've Been Elfed."  Being Elfed requires dropping off a box or bag of goodies to a neighbor and then in turn they Elf somebody else.
I originally madeone a few years ago and the directions can be found here.
You can put in candy, gift tags, jewelry, really anything small.
Here's a closer look.
Fun to make...not too difficult.
Happy Shopping!

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marlene kiley said...

I just bought a set of 3 boxes filled with popcorn, candy, toffee. Now I can make my own. So cute!!