Friday, October 12, 2012

Halloween Cards

Good Morning,
I seem to be having a hard time these days posting regularly.  Even though I haven't posted I have been busy.
I've met a new group of ladies who stamp and was invited to stamp with them each Wednesday. Sometimes one of us teach the class and other times we work on our own projects. They also do cards for a Veteran's hospital when there is a special holiday in the month. So this month we were doing Halloween cards. All the cards are 4 x 4. I did four or five cards of each design. Most of the pattern paper was purchased from a package at Target for $1.00. It held 5 or 6 sheets.
The pumpkin face and pumpkin pattern paper were printed and cut with the Imagine. The skull head is a cricut die too but I clear embossed it to make it glossy. I couldn't get my crop tool to work properly this morning to make the pictures bigger. Just click on the image and you should be able to get a close up.

I have my Halloween decorations out but won't be making any more this year as I'm heading off on vacation next week. I'm going to accompany my DH to Malaysia. He's working and I'm touring. Not looking forward to the flight. It's 30 hours. Nine of that is a layover in Dubai. Better have a couple of good books with me.
The rest of my plans for today include getting out for a bike ride and going to the post office. I have a couple things I need to send to Xavier and Korben. I better hurry before Korben outgrows the outfit. Maybe I'll get Steph to take pictures of the boys in their new duds and then I can post them. All I'll say for now is they will make interesting scrapbooking pages. (I know Steph reads this...she will be so wondering what I've found this time!). he he
Have a good week-end!

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newfiecrafter(Marilyn) said...

Cute cards Yvonne nice that you have found a group of ladies that enjoy stamping . Have a great trip to Malaysia.