Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day Outing!

Good Morning,

Hope everyone had an enjoyable Father's Day or would that be a memorable Father's Day. I thought I would share the events of DH's special day. It's good for a laugh.

We thought we would start the day off by going for a nice bike ride. Left home around 9:00 in hopes of riding with less traffic and to beat the heat. Ride along the highway for about 5 miles to the local Starbucks but decide not to stop. Everyone is feeling good and not yet ready for a stop. Fast forward...ride about another 6 or 7 miles and my bike gets a flat tire. No...couldn't have gotten a flat tire near a gas station but we did have a tire repair kit but didn't bother buying the pump. Looked at it a few times but no, we didn't buy it. Bought one for DD for Christmas, didn't want her stranded while out riding! Fortunately we have the i-phone to located the nearest gas station. Off we go pushing the bikes. After quite a while we find the  gas station. Things are looking up. Tire off, find the hole, apply patch, put tube back in tire, now to add air. Right have to pay for the air. Okay go get quarters, start adding air...just as I yell stop there is a big bang.  Ooops. Dang that was my our rush the tube got pinched in the rim.

Now time to locate the nearest Walmart. 10 minute ride up the road. DH to the rescue. Works out to be about a 30 minute return trip. DH arrives back with a pump and new tube. We've bought new tubes before at Walmart. He also bought a new kind of tube...self healing so I shouldn't have any more problems. One small problem it has a presta valve. Guess what???? Can't get air into the tube cause we don't have an adapter for the pumps. At this point I decide let's call a cab, get home cause we wanted to go to an Astros game in the afternoon. Call two cab companies and they can't get anybody out for at least an hour. This is the only place I've lived that you never see cabs on the road! Let's look at our options...DH rides back to Walmart again.

Fast forward - back from Walmart, get the tire changed, now at least 10 miles to get home, temperature has climbed to 36C but we're determined. If we hurry we can still make the ball game, will be a little late but that's okay. Peddle, Peddle, Peddle...home, quick shower, better check internet to make sure games not sold out....guess not being played at home field. They are actually playing in Arlington...four hours away. No didn't make the game but it will be a memorable Father's Day!

This is the card I made for DH. It was one of the free cuts from CCR. I used double-sided paper and it cut out perfectly. There are five free cuts available until the 19th of June.
This is going to be a busy week. Got lots to do around home and then on Thursday I head to Toronto to be with DD. On the 23rd Kristen & I are competing again in the City Chase. Must get my blisters healed. Had new shoes on yesterday...didn't expect to be walking and I ended up with blisters on each heal. The ankle socks weren't quite to the ankle!

Have a great day and SMILE!


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marlene said...

What a hoot! Do you think maybe you two shouldn't have gotten out of bed that day?