Friday, April 20, 2012


Happy Friday,

This card is for Xavier when he gets here in a couple of weeks. Xavy turned three last week-end but Nana is planning a second birthday for him when he arrives.  His favorite stuffed toy is Wall-E so I thought this would be a perfect card.

I must confess I bought the cartridge just so I could have Wall-E. Well Eva is on there too plus some other Disney characters. This little guy was cut at 5.5" and I probably wouldn't try cutting him any smaller. There are so many little pieces and lawyers.
I got him a really cool toy also for his birthday and I will post pictures and or video of that once he plays with it. lol Nana has a bit more shopping to do though as we'll need a few other play things while he's here. (If Mommy or Daddy are reading this......bring Xavier's suitcase large and  empty).

Have a Wonderful Week-end.



Chelle said...

How cute! I LOVED that movie!!!!

Steph said...

He is going to LOVE the card! He's getting into Mickey as well. As for packing, I don't plan to pack much, so we can have room to bring stuff back ;)