Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Wine Glass or Two...


This is the other "Boo" basket that I made. This one has a more adult theme.  I included a couple of wine glasses and some frozen alcohol beverages as well as some tasty oatcakes and candy.
The Happy Halloween was stamped and embossed in black. The cat and frame cut from black cardstock using Happy Haunting cartridge then clear embossed so they are shiny. 
Another Halloween plate.
It's hard to see but the glasses are etched with the initials of the people I was giving the basket to.
It's an "L" & "M".  Vampire font from Happy Hauntings.

Pretty easy to do...cut the letter out of vinyl but discard the letter and use the negative image. Adhere to glass and apply the etching paste. Let it sit about five minutes and then rinse clean.
That's all for today.




Marilyn said...

Love your project, very creative!

Betsy said...

I've tried to subscribe to your blog to be notified of posts by email, but I keep getting an error message. Wondering if something's wrong with the program powering this service.