Saturday, July 18, 2009

Roses In Summer - What Summer?

Good Morning,

Ok, I think I'm starting to lose my "haha" if this weather doesn't change soon. I need a little warmth and sun. I checked the 14 day forecast (yes, I know it doesn't really mean anything as they can't usually forecast accurately for 24 hours but I did it anyway) and the forecast is more or less the same. Alright I had my little vent and I'll move on.
I dug out a very old stamp. Stamp made by PSX. They had put out a whole series of these stamps featuring different flowers. I remember there was a gorgeous pointsetta. I'm pretty sure somebody from the Antigonish group of stampers owned that one!
Once again colored in with copics. I know, I'll get off the coloring kick soon and move onto something else. I also seem to have a thing for orange the last few cards. The first card is using Pumpkin Pie and Summer Sun cardstock while the second card used the new Dusty Durrango and the old Groovy Guava.

What's everyone else doing for the week-end? I'm thinking about heading off to the new craft/flea/farmers market that just opened. It down at the Dartmouth waterfront or close by there somewhere. It's now open every Sat. & Sun from 9:00 - 5:00. Might vary my routine too and go somewhere different for coffee this morning. I'm feeling in a rut.

Has anybody been working on their Christmas cards yet? I'm just full of good cheer this morning. lol I've got a few done this week. Mainly the images colored in so I'm still going to have to figure out the rest of the card.

I think that covers my Saturday.

Enjoy your week-end.



Anonymous said...

WOW what a pretty rose stamp, great job!...That rose sure would be a keeper in my house too, there are just some stamps that one cannot part with.I am a,I really want the Fifth Avenue one...Sure hope that bold orange color brightened your day..It did mine!lol..It makes it very perky and cheery!,TFS....BRenda

Julie Mutch said...

Mornin' Yvonne,

These are beautiful! You did a wonderful job colouring the roses. Brenda's right, they're very cheery! I needed that, too, on another miserable, rainy day here. We were supposed to go to the beach it's turned into a cleaning day at home. Oh, well, that was in need of doing, too! lol :)
Well, I've got my Xmas in July challenge card ready early for once! lol :) Hope you're having a good weekend. Take care and I'll see ya on Tuesday night.